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Community Centric Token Trading Platform

Cryypto's mission is to create a safe, fair, and ideal environment for investors to invest, traders to trade and manage their digital assets, and startups to raise money for their projects by listing their tokens or coins on a trading platform without exorbitant costs. Cryypto’s innovative platform offers impartial and transparency for all transactions. Cryypto will fulfill the regulatory compliance obligation for data security, privacy, audit, and reporting of data in the most safest and fluid ways. Cryypto’s business model is to bring tokens to the masses without the frills. Without the limitations. Without the anarchy of a traditional exchange.

Introduction to C0x

C0x stands for Cryypto 0x, a token based on ERC20 and the currency of Cryypto.com. The entire issued C0x base equates to the overall ownership of the Cryypto trading platform which adopts an innovative “Trans-Fee Mining” model. A total of 10 Billion C0x has been issued and will never increase. 51% C0x Tokens are reserved for the ‘Community Reward’. Meaning, 51% of the ownership of C0x is for the community. Cryypto will instantaneously distribute 80% of its revenue to C0x holders.
In the future, C0x will be used for various operations on the site and will become the backbone of the platform. Buying and holding C0x will be a requirement for Cryypto’s white label partnerships in the future. Exchanges powered by Cryypto.com will require to hold a minimum 5,000,000 C0x in order to use the Cryypto platform.
  • 100%Fee Reimbursed
  • 51%Community Reward.
  • 80%Revenue to C0x Holders
  • 10Billion C0x Tokens issued
  • 99%Approx price increase in 90 days


For a limited time, Cryypto is holding a Pre Sale Event (PSE) to bring the C0x buying opportunity directly to the community. You can purchase the C0x Token during the private sale. The PSE will be held for a total period of 90 days and thereafter, the C0x Token will be listed on the Cryypto platform for trading along with Cryypto’s network sites.
C0x can be acquired by the following two methods.
1 Buy C0x during the pre-sale event.
2 Get C0x by Trans-Fee Mining method.

C0x Token Price Guide

Number of C0x Tokens issued:
10 Billion C0x
Number of C0x reserved for Presale Event and Trans-fee Mining:
5.10 Billion C0x
The price of C0x will be $0.02 USD on day 1 and will climb up to ${{endday_price | number:6}} USD on day 90, a 94.90% increase.
Day Launch Price % Increase Final Price Next Price
{{item.day}} {{launch_price*1 | number:6}} USD {{item.rate | number:2}}%/per day {{item.final*1 | number:6}} USD {{item.nextday*1 | number:6}} USD
91 {{launch_price*1 | number:6}} USD As per Market {{endday_price*1 | number:6}} USD Market Price
Launch Price{{launch_price*1 | number:6}} USD Launch Date{{start_date}} End Date{{end_date}}
Today’s Price
Amount to Buy
Potential Value
Percentage increase in C0x price since launch: {{percentage | number:2}}%
Value of C0x Token on {{end_date }}
{{total*1 | number:2}} USD
Value on {{end_date }}
{{end_day*1 | number:2}} USD
Conditions of investment:
  1. Minimum 5000 C0x purchase required
  2. C0x cannot be sold before Cryypto opens the trading pair on Cryypto.com.
  3. C0x cannot be assigned to another person

C0x Holder’s Rights

C0x Token holders will have various digitized rights in the Cryypto platform. The Cryypto trading platform revenue will be distributed to the C0x holders at a fixed proportion. Distribution proportion: 80% for C0x Tokens holders, and 20% for Cryypto’s development and operation team.
80% Profit Sharing to C0x holders daily
Cryypto’s platform trading revenue will be distributed to C0x holders at a fixed proportion. 80% for C0X holders, and 20% for Cryypto.com’s development and operation.
Voting rights for listing tokens on Cryypto.com
The Cryypto community will have the opportunity to vote for tokens to be listed for trading on the platform.
Participation in Cryypto Fund Investments
Cryypto will give members of the community opportunities to invest in new startups, and as these projects develop, community members will get a financial return.

C0x Initial Distribution

Cryypto Fund

The Cryypto Fund will invest in the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the form of C0x, resources, and external funds. The Cryypto Fund will focus on disruptive blockchain initiatives and support new crypto projects on the Cryypto.com platform.
17% of 10 Billion C0x will be reserved for The Cryypto Fund. Cryypto.com will implement community based voting for such investments with C0x in the future.

C0x Issuance structure

C0x is issued instantaneously to community members trading on the Cryypto platform. 51% of C0x will be rewarded to the community by the innovative “Trans-Fee Mining” mechanism while 49% of the C0x Tokens are held by seasoned investors, strategic partners, the founding team and the Cryypto Fund.
We categorize these two C0x issuances as “community reward” and “previously issued”.
51%C0xReserved for Community Reward
49%C0xReserved for Previously Issued

Community reward definition:

C0x Tokens issued to a member either via (Private Sales Event / ICO) or daily reimbursement of their transaction cost in the form of C0x. 51% of the 10 Billion C0x are reserved for community members. This group receives 80% of daily profit from Cryypto trading.

Previously issued definition:

C0x Token reserved by Cryypto for seasoned investors, strategic partners, founding team and the Cryypto Fund. 49% of the 10 Billion C0x are reserved for this group. This group does not receive daily profits from Cryypto trading.

Cryypto Roadmap

  • FEB
    Start of Private Sales Event (PSE)
  • FEB
    Platform releases in Beta version
  • APR
    Official trading opens with mainstream digital assets plus select tokens.
  • MAY
    Presale Event concludes and C0x are issued.
  • JUN
    C0x are officially utilized and traded on the Cryypto platform. 80% profits shared with C0x Token holders on a daily basis. 90% for long term holders.
  • JUL
    Mobile App for iOS and Android release
  • AUG
    Cryypto Fund officially begins to invest in blockchain projects.
  • SEP
    Decentralized version of Cryypto launches in Beta version.
  • OCT
    Short & Long Margin Trading launch
  • NOV
    Peer to Peer Lending + Proprietary Lending